Black Skyline Ceramic SuperLambanana

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Product Description

The ceramic Superlambanana comes with a history of its own, 125 multi-coloured sculptures; 30,000 mosaic tiles; 400 litres of paint; 100 artists; 26 community groups; one escaped lambie and a ransom note. It was quite a spectacle. For ten manic weeks Liverpool went Go Superlambananas! Scousers and visitors alike loved them so why not have your very own Superlambanana at home? Available in 5 different colour options (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and White) these lambanana Liverpool gifts appeal to all ages to keep as a reminder of a cult that nearly ousted the Liver Birds and that captured the creativity, humour and excitement that swept the city when Superlambananas took over Liverpool in the summer of 2008. This is one of the many inspirational Superlambanana gifts available from Liverpool Cathedral. Approximate measurements:
Height - 15cm
Width - 18.5cm
Weight - 300g