Liverpool At Work - Ken Pye

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The city of Liverpool is famous throughout the world. This once small fishing village was transformed into a mighty commercial powerhouse, seen by many as the second city of the British Empire. In 1715 Liverpool created the world’s first enclosed, commercial wet dock; eventually there would be docks along 7.5 miles of the River Mersey. It rapidly grew into the greatest port and city in the entire British Empire outside London. Nevertheless, by 1980 Liverpool’s population had decreased by over half. Its infrastructure and economy were decaying, and its political leaders were driving the city towards complete collapse.In a fascinating series of contemporary photographs and illustrations, well-known local author Ken Pye explores the life of this great city and its people, from its heyday as a major trading port, through two world wars, post-war decline and into the technologically advanced world of today. Liverpool has risen again to become the fastest growing economy in Britain, a European Capital of Culture and a UNESCO World Heritage City.

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